Getting started with gaming in JS

NijmegenJS, March 28th, 2014

Hi, I am Flurin


Some basics

2D & 2.5D


What you see on screen is a representation of the objects in your game

The Game Loop

The game loop handles input, updates and rendering and needs to be fast.

Collision detection

More stuff you'll probably want

  • Loaders
  • Physics
  • Spriting
  • Tweening
  • Timers

Let's build a game!

Some Phaser features

  • Superfast canvas/webgl renderer
  • Loader/pre-loader
  • Physics (3 engines!)
  • Animation / Sprits / Tweening
  • Input
  • Sound
  • ... and more

Let's go coding!

The demos

Another demo

Some tips and tricks

Find an engine (or none) your comfortable with

Perfection is hard ...

... cheat

Add juice!

See this 15 min video for more about juicyness

Read the source, Luke!

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Thank you